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In our house, which is located about 500 meter of the town of Rab, we offer a comfortable and cozy accommodation.To the old city center can be reached by promenade along the sea for only 15 minutes. There is a dock for taxi boats. Close to shops, restaurants, sports Hall, tennis courts, mini golf, cultural events, cinema outdoors and playgrounds, we believe that will satisfy every taste.We will make You stay with us, is safe and worry free at any time.


We offer accommodation in three bedrooms, studio for two people,apartment for four people.


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  • Sights

    The Franciscan Monastery of St. Euphemia is unmatched integrated at the bottom of the deepest and most beautiful bays of Rab and is in the natural environment . The church of St. Euphemia , which was first mentioned in the 13th century dedicated . Probably more early Christian foundations . The monastery complex consists of the Church of St. Euphemia , the church of St. Bernardin , the Lady Chapel , the Chapel of the Holy Cross , cloister , library and refectory ( upper room ) . The facades are decorated with modest simple rectangular windows and doors . Vicar Provincial of Zadar , Fr. Nikola Puliksan with papal permission , decided to increase the new monastery . Preserved written document on parchment from 1446 , ie . Founded Charter of foundation of the monastery of Rab nobleman Peter Car ( Zaro ) .

  • Barbat

    Barbat is the southernmost village of the island , extending along the MeeresgürtelBarbat channel . Judging from the remains of ancient buildings , in this area there was a very old settlement . On the hill of St. Damian are the remains of the ancient ruins and the Church of St. Damian , which was mentioned in XIV . Century . These ruins are from the Greek settlements , and it is very likely that it was founded in IV a Greek military colony . Century BC . It is believed that the ruins on the hill st. Damian could be the remains of the ancient city of Ptolemy Kolenti . At the foot of the hill , near the hamlet Perčinić , at low tide in the sea , watching the remains of the wall , as they try to refugees , fleeing Rab founded Attila .

  • Rab

    The biggest air length of the island of Rab , from cape to cape Gavranić Sorinj , is 22 km. Due to its irregular shape, the width of the island is different . That is the narrowest in the southern part of Cape Kirkland to the hamlet Perčinić in Barbat 3 km, while the widest , and 10 km in its northern part of Cape Silpa in Lopar to Cape Kitts in the northwest of the island . Hotel microclimate conditions characterized by an average annual temperature of 14.9 ° C and annual rainfall of 1108.8 mm , which is characteristic of a transitional climate between the Mediterranean and Continental .