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The Franciscan Monastery of St. Euphemia is unmatched integrated at the bottom of the deepest and most beautiful bays of Rab and is in the natural environment . The church of St. Euphemia , which was first mentioned in the 13th century dedicated . Probably more early Christian foundations . The monastery complex consists of…
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Barbat is the southernmost village of the island , extending along the MeeresgürtelBarbat channel . Judging from the remains of ancient buildings , in this area there was a very old settlement . On the hill of St. Damian are the remains of the ancient ruins and the Church of St. Damian , which was…
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The biggest air length of the island of Rab , from cape to cape Gavranić Sorinj , is 22 km. Due to its irregular shape, the width of the island is different . That is the narrowest in the southern part of Cape Kirkland to the hamlet Perčinić in Barbat 3 km, while the widest…
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